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People ask me all the time what I use on my face. So I decided to write this blog all about skincare. This month’s Marie Claire (April issue) give some great skincare tips, they dispel 8 myths which I will refer to during this series of blog posts.

It’s always important to cleanse your skin properly. You should know your skin type, if it is oily, dry or combination. That is really important when deciding what cleanser to use and how you clean. If you wear makeup it’s very important to remove your makeup completely. An oil-based makeup remover will help to dissolve sunscreen and makeup especially if you use any waterproof makeup product. A great makeup remover is Perfect Solutions Dual Action Makeup remover or Eye makeup remover. If you prefer a wipe try the makeup remover wipes. (linked below)

For me I wash my face to remove the makeup then gently wash a second time with a washcloth. If you have oily skin, find a cleanser with salicylic acid. When I’m tired I definitely use makeup remover wipes then wash with a washcloth.

Next blog will address the controversial issue of toners…





Spring /Summer Lip Trends 2012

Lip Gloss is vivid with color and pop. Create stunning lips this spring at

Lips this spring are strong and vivid with color and gloss will continue to be a big trend. Glosses however are becoming bolder giving lips a great pop of color. Nude lips will continue this season as well. Matte lips will be more and more visible into the fall, and for Summer it is an easy lip.

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Trends for Lips


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The new trend for lips this upcoming spring season is an update on the nude lip, or the very bold lip. The nude lip is in blush, light pinks and less glossy and more of a matte shimmer. For reds they are bold and still matte. Add a little gold shimmer to update your super red lips.

Don't know how to find a red lipstick that would look good. Reds with more of a yellow/orange base goes well with a fair complexion and deep reds with a blue base looks great with deeper skin tones.

This 2012 season for makeup is back to a fresh natural look with a pop of color.

Top 5 trends for spring in 2012

The trend of nude lips continue, naturally glowing skin, pinks are big this season, colorwashed eyes and fuller brows. You will see all these trends on the runways and fashion mags this spring.

If at first you don't succeed...

Trial Pic...

Ok so I had a trial with this beautiful bride and for some reason things weren't clicking that day. It could have been me, it could have been her it could have been the situation, whatever the reason we tried for 3 hours to get the look right. The great thing about a trial is that as a professional we have an opportunity to review our work and see where changes are needed and in this case, having a few days to look at the trial pics and seeing where changes could be made, then consulting with the client, we can hit a home run on the wedding day which is what we did. Amber was a beautiful bride at the end of the day and deciding not to give up made all the difference. So if you have a hair & makeup artist don't give up hope if at first the trial doesn't go as planned, sometimes the second effort scores! Consult with them and find out if they have an idea how to make things right before you write them off. For my bride we hit it off the second time and had a wonderful morning and she was absolutely thrilled with her look which lasted the entire day from 8:00 in the morning to her wedding at 4:00 in the afternoon.


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